Motorway bridge: STB 450 showing its strength even when lying horizontally

Project: Lützelbach viaduct; approx. 270 metres long; architectural concrete with board pattern

Contractor: Adam Hörnig, Baugesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG, Aschaffenburg, Germany

MEVA systems: MEVA systems: Mammut 350 wall formwork, KLK 230 climbing bracket, Horizontal STB 450 support frames, Triplex brace

Engineering and support: MEVA Schalungs-Systeme, Haiterbach and Stuttgart, Germany



Rotated by 90 degrees for bracing

The STB 450 has often proved its strength when being used vertically to support walls. For a motorway bridge north of Frankfurt it is being used horizontally for the bridge piers. The piers, which are 12 metres wide at the top, require large platforms during the top cycles to install the bracing for the large-size formwork.

The new construction with two bridges replaces the old bridge from 1967. The new bridge for northbound traffic is already in use, and the southbound bridge currently being built will be completed in the summer of 2017. The foundations and the long sides of the 50-metre-high piers as well as the end faces up to 14 metre below the top of the pier are being poured using MEVA formwork. Up to this height the Mammut 350 formwork is climbed using KLK 230 climbing brackets. The board pattern of the high-quality concrete surfaces is created using a wooden facing attached to the panels.

Support frame as a solid base
14 metres below the top the piers flay out symmetrically to a width of 12 metres. The top 14 metres are being poured in two cycles with heights of 7.50 m and 6.50 m respectively. For the curved end faces special formwork supplied by the construction company is being used. The heavy, 12-metre long and up to 8-metre-high large-size units made up of Mammut 350 panels require Triplex braces which, in turn, require sufficiently large platforms. Lying horizontally, the 4.5-metre-high support frame provides a solid base for platforms with a width up to 4.5 metres and thus sufficient space for formwork and braces

Stable anchoring
The braces are firmly anchored in rails made of double U-sections embedded in the floor of the platform. When being moved by crane, the platforms are mounted in the standard KLK 230 suspension shoes using special components. The suspension shoes are secured to the pier using suspension screws, climbing cones and anchor plates. The anchor extensions that secure the support frames are screwed into the anchors, which are encased in the pier at an angle of 45°. The load is transferred to the pier via the anchors and the extensions. The rear, here lower feet are pressed against the pier wall by the weight of the formwork and the platform. Their length can be adjusted with a spindle, allowing the support frame to hang horizontally even on the curved end face.

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