Nad al Sheba Villas in Dubai rely on AluFix and MevaDec systems for fast workflows

Project: Construction of 489 residential units in Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, UAE

Contractor: Trojan General Contracting CO.LLC and United Engineering Construction (UNEC)

MEVA Solution: Hand-set formwork AluFix, Hand-set slab system MevaDec

Engineering and support: MEVA KHK Formwork Systems, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Residential Project: High Speed on Slabs and Columns

Construction is underway on a complex of 489 villas in the Nad Al Sheba area of Dubai. Three to five-bedroom luxury villas will be up for for lease after completion, as well as 100 serviced homes with private swimming pools. The development will include a clubhouse and a retail centre with shops, cafes, a community pool and sports facilities. Residents of the complex will have access to Nakheel’s beach facilities on Palm Jumeirah and daily transport services to the city’s malls and attractions.

Large-scale residential works of this kind rely on speed and efficiency to keep concrete works on schedules that are typically tight. Delays would pose a serious risk.

To master the extensive slab work, the MevaDec slab system once more proved to be best in class in terms of cost, speed and quality. These benefits come from flexibility with filler areas, quick adaptation to building layouts and reduced inventory. This is thanks to early stripping which allows the panels and beams to be stripped very soon after the pour and re-used on the next section. In addition, MevaDec is set up entirely by hand, reducing crane time. The hand-set wall formwork system AluFix proved ideal for the columns, all of which required a smooth concrete finish. AluFix won hands down on this count.

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