Bridge Project in Hungary moves faster ahead than expected

Project: Bridge with 4 carriageways for automobiles plus cycle and pedestrian lanes

Contractor: A-HÍD Építő Zrt. és TEGA-BAU Kft. Budapest, Hungary

MEVA Systems: Wall formwork Mammut, Climbing platform KLK 230

Engineeering: MEVA Zsalurendszerek Zrt. Budapest, Hungary



10 Days ahead of Schedule

Engineering achieves record-breaking saving on Békéscsaba Bridge project

Europe’s railway network is being modernised and extended in the context of a EU-wide traffic development project spanning several decades. The international rail connection between Bucharest in Romania and Hungary’s capital Budapest is one of them.

A bridge with four carriageways plus cycling and pedestrian lanes is being built in the south Hungarian city of Békéscsaba. The bridge spans the 15 rail tracks of the new railway line.

The bridge itself is being built as an orthotropic deck. The project is accompanied by strict technical and safety specifications, including regular checks by a team of safety inspectors.

Bridge suspended from 40 m high pylons
The bridge deck is suspended from slanted cables that lead to monolithic pylons erected to a height of 40 m. The concrete pours follow this schedule: the first 8 m pour takes the concrete to the edge of the connecting ledge which supports the bridge deck. The next 32 m are being climbed in cycles of 7.50 m and completed in a single pour. Thanks to the Mammut wall formwork’s heavy-duty load capacity of 97kN/m², the high, fast pours can be completed without a single interruptions to work flow. The weight of the ganged wall panels themselves, heavy rebar loads and the high wind velocities required a sturdy climbing unit: the climbing platform KLK 230 did the job to the satisfaction of both site supervisors and safety inspectors.

Concrete works completed in record-breaking 50 days
Initially, the 4 climbing cycles were scheduled for a duration of 60 days. The site was done after only 50, saving ten days thanks to careful planning, immaculate technical, static and safety specifications, fast assembly, quick pours and speedy climbing lifts.

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