Efficient Support for Floating Balconies

Project: Residential and commercial building, 21 levels, 75 m high

MEVA Systems: wall formwork Mammut 350 and support frame STB 450, re-enforced alignment rails M 450v and H20 beams, shoring tower MEP, FormSet safety mesh Triplex, slab formwork MevaFlex and MevaDec

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Schalungs-Systeme, Haiterbach and Rhein-Ruhr, Germany



Tower of Light

Efficient Support for Floating Balconies

Clever engineering solves the challenge of floating balconies This new 21 level residential and commercial building is being built in a beautiful park setting in the middle of Antwerp, Belgium – with a view on the historic old town. It will be named “Lichttoren“ which means towers of light. And flooded with light is exactly what the architects intended for the building, thanks to open facades. Long-term MEVA client Erbud International Sp.z.o.o. won the tender and contract for the structural works. In order to reduce building time, the contractor decided to work with pre-cast beams and balconies as well as with slabs poured in situ. MEVA engineers were challenged to find an intelligent solution to support the pre-cast concrete balkonies until their load would be carried by the slabs and beams. At the same time, work flow should not be disrupted, for instance when erecting the shell facade made of bricks. Cladding a 75 m high building in FormworkPress VII/2013 11 scaffolding and shoring? Not an eco - nomical solution. Special beams? Not feasible for technical reasons.

Special design: Push-pull props, heavy-duty braces and props A MEVA team of structural engineers, formwork designers and engineers pooled their expertise and resources to come up with a customised solution: A small special part was designed and built to combine the standard alignment rail M 450v, heavy-duty braces Triplex R plus normal props into an ingenious support for the numer - ous pre-cast concrete balconies. This support could be placed around the facade to support the balconies in their varying positions.

MevaFlex and MevaDec
MevaFlex and MEP props were also used to support the balconies. The slabs were cast using the MevaDec slab formwork. Easy crane-independent handling was essential on this site. 

Saving time and money while working safely
The clever formwork solutions contributed to the smooth work flow throughout the building process. This made the job efficient and fast. In
addition, the use of MEVA‘s FormSet safety mesh and stop-end products provided the right answer for the site‘s stringent safety requirements. The project manager concluded that the project‘s A to Z success relied heavily on the clever formwork solution.

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