Drinking water container Jordanberg:
Zemdrain® on the facing

Project: Extension and new building of the drinking water tank facility Jordanberg

Owner: e.wa Riss GmbH & Co. KG, Biberach, Germany

Contractor: Härle Hoch und Tiefbau Betonfertigteile GmbH & Co. KG, Maselheim, specialist contractor for the construction of water facilities

MEVA Systems: Wall Formwork Mammut 350, Shoring Tower MEP, Slab Formwork MevaFlex

Engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Germany



Drinking water container Jordanberg

Pouring without Release Agent

Many drinking water regulations place strict requirements on the way water facilities are built. This includes the stipulation that no release agent is to be used when pouring concrete. Reasons for this include the chemical effect of release agents that are detrimental to the purity of the water stored in such tanks.

Such was the case with a new and extended Jordanberg drinking water tank being built near the town of Biberach in southern Germany. At the end of the project, the capacity will have increased to 1,000 m³, thus safe - guarding the supply of fresh water to the surrounding residential areas.

Contractor Härle from Maselheim is a specialist for waterworks and other municipal facilities and received the contract from local municipal water supplier e.wa riss on account of his expertise.

Site management decided on the Mammut 350 wall formwork draped with Zemdrain ® formwork sheets which make the use of release agent unnecessary.
2.50 x 3.50 m formwork panels were ganged to achieve the 7.50 m wall height. Clear requirements were placed on the concrete finish – a challenge mastered with ease by the all-plastic facing alkus.

The Mammut 350 system‘s high load capacity of 100 kN/m² allowed the walls to be erected in a single pour, without interruption, enhancing the excellent concrete finish. The tank’s concrete lid cover was poured using the MEP shoring tower and MevaFlex conventional beam slab formwork with a separate facing sheet.

Zemdrain ® formwork sheets were attached firmly and smoothly to the panel facing. Their effect is to drain water from the concrete surface in a controlled manner. Excess water is driven downward, thus lowering the water-cement value. This seals the concrete surface by increasing its density, achieving the technical requirements for the tank‘s concrete finish easily. When using Zemdrain ® sheets, it is important to ensure that the fabric is not damaged. This requires great care especially when setting up rebar.


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  • Kompetenzfeld Architekturbau (2.38 MB)

    Referenzen mit höchsten Anforderungen an Betonoberfläche, Schalung und Schalhaut. Sichtbeton und anspruchsvolle Geometrien sind gefragt.

  • Kompetenzfeld Hochhausbau (3.33 MB)

    Referenzen mit Schalungslösungen für Hochhäuser und Wolkenkratzer: Schalen bei wenig Platz, mit oder ohne Kran, bei höchster Sicherheit. MEVA Ingenieure liefern die gesamte Schalungslösung.

  • Kompetenzfeld Ingenieurbau (3.14 MB)

    Referenzen mit Schalungslösungen für große Industrieanlagen, Brücken, Tunnel, Kraftwerke und Wasserbauwerke. Schalungstechniker mit großer Erfahrung und ausgeprägtem Erfindergeist.

  • Kompetenzfeld Wirtschafts- und Wohnungsbau (2.70 MB)

    Betriebsgebäude, Hallen, Büros, Einfamilienhäuser, kommunale Einrichtungen, Wohnanlagen, Parkhäuser oder Einkaufspassagen und Mehrfamilienhäuser: Referenzen bei denen Wirtschaftlichkeit, Schnelligkeit und Sicherheit bei hervorragenden Betonierergebnissen zählen.

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