Office building and condominium "Victoria Park" in Sydney

Project: Office building and condominium "Victoria Park", Sydney

Contractor (and Architects): Priceright Construction (Brisbane)

MEVA Systems: slab formwork MevaDec

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Partner Novatec Constuction Systems (Yatala)



Capitalize on a formwork system which reduces costs – even with plywood supplied by contractor

MevaDec used in primary-and-secondary-beam-method

The MevaDec slab formwork system covers all of the most important slab forming methods. According to the building geometry one can either apply a method which uses ready-made panels, or one where the forming face is supplied by the contractor. At any rate, you can make the most of the formwork system as you always use the same components for all the different applications.

The contractor Priceright Construction P/L from Sydney, Australia was awarded the formwork contract on the Victoria Park Project, Lot 302, consisting of four trapezoidal buildings with up to 12 storeys and a rather complex geometry. MEVA's Australian dealer, Novatec Construction Systems, proposed to form the slabs with the MevaDec HN method, which uses props, primary and secondary beams and plywood. By using this method the MevaDec system easily adapts to any required floor plan – even oblique or angular shapes, whilst permitting a class 2, or off-form concrete finish. The detailed formwork drawings for the 17 cm to 20 cm thick slabs were prepared by Thiess Consulting Engineers, on behalf of Novatec Construction Systems.

With HN-method all beams are mounted at the same level. The load-carrying system consists of primary beams and props with mounted drop heads. The secondary beams are hung into the primary beams at any position required to suit the nominal plywood spans. The prop spacing – and with it the number of required props – is determined by the length of the primary beams, thus avoiding the unnecessary use of additional props. The spacing of the primary beams is determined by the length of the secondary beams. Finally, 1.8 m x 1.2m x 18 mm plywood sheets were laid out as a soffit.

The easy handling and the use of only three basic components – prop with drop head, primary and secondary beam – guarantee the economical use of the formwork system. The drop-head allows for early stripping – as soon as 2-3 days (dependant on concrete strength). This clearly reduces the inventory and speeds up the construction process, whilst lowering labour costs and also providing a much cleaner open area that helps to address relevant safety concerns. The advantages of the MevaDec system were obvious, and Priceright Construction P/L has continued to utilise the same MevaDec system on all other projects they have undertaken in N.S.W. to date.

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